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Cold Chain Logistics

With a focus on cold chain and refrigerated transportation, SSRC Logistics offers a full range of supply chain and logistics services. We are aware of how crucial temperature-controlled shipping is in a perishable supply chain that is time-sensitive. We are now among the logistics firms offering comprehensive cold chain solutions with the quickest rates of growth. In order to continue being the client's first choice for cold chain and chilled transportation, we offer premium services at reasonable costs.

Temperature-Controlled Facilities:
State-of-the-art refrigerated warehouses, cold rooms, and freezers equipped with temperature monitoring and control systems. These facilities are designed to maintain specific temperature ranges required for various temperature-sensitive products.

Specialized Fleet:
SSRC Logistics has a dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks and containers, equipped with advanced cooling systems that can ensure temperature upto -25 degree. These vehicles are capable of maintaining precise temperature conditions during transportation, ensuring product integrity from origin to destination.

Temperature Monitoring and Management:
Advanced temperature monitoring systems and IoT-enabled sensors are deployed throughout the supply chain of SSRC Logistics. Real-time tracking of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors ensures compliance with regulatory standards and provides clients with 24x7 and 365 days tracking.

Land Transportation

Our 24/7 Dedicated Service guarantees that goods are dispatched on schedule, monitored by our vigilant monitoring systems. We have dedicated service providers ensuring the safety of cargo delivery round the clock.

Consistency is key in our service levels, boasting the shortest transit times and highest precision. Our transport operations are fully tech-enabled, with every truck equipped with location tracking and monitoring sensors.

We prioritize meeting our customers' needs by offering tailored transportation solutions that align with their fleet requirements, always valuing their time. Our processing centers facilitate swift freight movement, resulting in minimal transit times and precise service.

Transparency is fundamental to us, which is why we provide mirror shading for visibility, ensuring customers have 100% visibility into our operations. Our GPS-enabled vehicles optimize the supply chain, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Through our dedicated transportation solutions, we guarantee proper storage and efficient, cost-effective delivery of goods. Rapid transit times enable our customers to reduce costs and maximize profits.

ODC Trailers, FTL/ LTL & Bulk Cargo:
At SSRC Logistics, we specialize in offering dependable, efficient, and affordable FTL/LTL, ODC trailers and bulk cargo transportation services for both primary and secondary sectors. FTL (Full Truckload) ensures exclusive use of truck space for your freight, while LTL (Less Than Truckload) is ideal for shipments that don't require full truck space. Carrier shipping charges for LTL and FTL are determined based on factors such as freight size, value, and transportation complexity. We offer cost efficient and effective bulk cargo movement.

Express Logistics:
At SSRC Logistics, we ensure utmost customer satisfaction by offering guaranteed express delivery services using the most efficient methods, ensuring swift delivery of products without any damage.

Freight Forwarding:
SSRC Logistics is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by offering comprehensive Freight Forwarding services. Our team of professionals conducts thorough Research and Development on various connectivity routes, enabling us to deliver efficient and timely services tailored to our customers' needs.

Versatility and Accessibility:
SSRC Logistics' land transportation services leverage an expansive network of roads and highways, ensuring access to both urban hubs and remote areas. Our fleet of trucks and vans efficiently navigate diverse terrains, guaranteeing seamless delivery of goods to their destinations.

Speed and Flexibility:
Ideal for short to medium-distance shipments, our land transportation services offer unmatched speed and adaptability. Our trucks facilitate swift deliveries and can swiftly adjust to changing customer requirements, making them a cornerstone of dynamic supply chains.

Door-to-Door Service and Last-Mile Delivery:
SSRC Logistics' land transportation services prioritize convenience with comprehensive door-to-door service, enabling direct pick-up and delivery from origin to destination. Our expertise in last-mile delivery ensures timely distribution of goods, particularly crucial for e-commerce and retail sectors.

Rail Transportation

SSRC Logistics offers it's customer's cost effective and express rail freight transportation services. SSRC Logistics offers services such as Full racks services, container movement and piecemeal transportation . In the domain of government-operated rail transport and leased trains, SSRC Logistics excels in orchestrating the placement of cargo onto the optimal trains for seamless journeys. Acting as intermediaries, we facilitate connections between government-operated rail systems and our clients. Experience the effectiveness of rail transport firsthand with our specialized coordination services, which link cargo to the expansive rail network and guarantee precise delivery timing and location accuracy. Clients trust our streamlined process for dependable and punctual deliveries, as SSRC Logistics' seamless coordination ensures the efficient arrival of shipments at their designated destinations. Cost-Efficiency and Scalability:
SSRC Logistics' rail transportation solutions offer cost-effective options, particularly suitable for long-distance and bulk cargo shipments. With scalability to accommodate large freight volumes, rail transport is preferred by industries requiring extensive transportation capabilities.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:
Recognized for its energy efficiency, rail transportation significantly reduces fuel consumption per ton-mile compared to road transport. This eco-friendly characteristic aligns with sustainability goals, minimizing environmental impact and promoting greener logistics practices.

Reliability and Intermodal Connectivity:
SSRC Logistics' rail transportation services are renowned for their reliability, ensuring consistent transit times and dependable service. Our well-maintained infrastructure and strict safety protocols guarantee smooth operations. Moreover, our seamless integration with other modes through intermodal terminals enhances supply chain efficiency and enables multi-modal logistics solutions.

Air freight

At SSRC Logistics we offer air freight transportation services to our customer. Air freight plays a pivotal role in the logistics industry, offering unmatched speed, efficiency, and global connectivity for transporting goods.

Speed and Punctuality:
Recognized for its swift transit times, SSRC Logistics' air freight transportation ensures rapid and safe delivery compared to alternative transportation modes. Goods can traverse long distances within hours, guaranteeing timely arrivals and meeting urgent deadlines.

Efficiency and Dependability:
SSRC logistics' Air freight services boast high levels of efficiency and dependability, characterized by strict schedules and dedicated flight routes.


SSRC Logistics takes pride in delivering outstanding warehousing facilities tailored to the diverse requirements of our clients. With an extensive warehousing footprint encompassing over 10 facilities across India, we guarantee the safety and convenient accessibility of goods. Our cutting-edge inventory management systems furnish real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring transparency and precision in inventory management. Whether a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, we provide scalable warehousing solutions, empowering businesses to seamlessly adjust to evolving storage demands. As a reliable partner, we are committed to facilitating efficient order fulfilment, precise deliveries, and the safeguarding of inventory assets.

Storage and Inventory Management:
SSRC Logistics offers its customers dedicated storage facilities for goods, ranging from raw materials to finished products. With organized shelving systems, pallet racks, and inventory management software, warehouses optimize space utilization and facilitate efficient inventory tracking.

Cross-Docking and Trans-shipment:
SSRC Logistics warehouses's serve as hubs for cross-docking and transshipment activities, enabling seamless transfer of goods between transportation modes and consolidation of shipments. This reduces transit times, minimizes handling costs, and enhances supply chain efficiency.

Value-Added Services:
SSRC Logistics offer a range of value-added services to enhance the efficiency and value of logistics operations. These services may include kitting, labeling, packaging, assembly, and customization, tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers and industries.

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